I wrote these for other publications on the web.

“AWP12” for Appazoogle

Emerson College flew me to the epicenter of AWP12 in Chicago from February 29 through March 3. The conference gathered 10,000 writers, publishers, and editors, 400 panels and readings, and four showrooms-worth of book fair. It was a little Comic Con and a little Library of Babel… >>>

“Re: Newsweek” for Appazoogle

Hey, Mom, About Newsweek. That writer I mentioned, Andrew Sullivan—I can tell you’re a print person when you don’t know Newsweek’s most popular blogger’s name… >>>

“Seasonal Affective Reading” for Strangelet Journal (now hosted at Medium)

Snow in mid-April doesn’t have to portend doom, but it does strike northerners and robins as an omen. Maybe it’s an omen to move to California so we can read and nest, respectively, on Venice Beach… >>>

“Blogpunk” for Strangelet Journal (now hosted at Medium)

I’m reading Carniepunk, a Gallery Books anthology shadowed with the dark carnival aesthetic of Something Wicked This Way Comes and the killer clown aesthetic of Stephen King’s It and, of course, Killer Clowns from Outer Space. I’m more grown up than I was when I cried meeting Bozo the Clown, so I’m less terrified and more thrilled… >>>